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Joseph M. Ghabour & Associates LLC

Allowed me to focus on my recovery

I recently was in a terrible car accident that impacted my health, the health of my passenger as well as me financially.  I contacted Joseph Ghabour for his opinion and he was very supportive in calming my nerves and addressing my concerns. 

He literally took the problem from me and resolved it while allowing me to focus on the health issues we were facing.  He gave fantastic advice along the way ensuring that I didn't do something that would jeopardize the outcome of the case. 

I am not a litigious person - this was my first and likely my only lawsuit - but I felt that with all I was facing I shouldn't have to bear the financial burden that was caused by someone else's carelessness for the law. 

 Joe kept me informed and ensured that I received what I was entitled to covering my expenses and allowing me the ability to replace my car without additional financial burden.  He was calm, understanding and very focused on my case throughout the process.

I would recommend him to anyone with a legal need.

Lisa Skarzynski

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