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Slip and Fall without witnesses—Can I sue?

If you fall and fail to report the accident and no witnesses are around to verify the fall, you will have a very difficult time succeeding on a slip and fall claim.  Failure to document your fall and/or report it, can be fatal to your claim for compensation.  


If you fall, and you do not need immediate medical attention, or have not called 911, look around to anyone who saw the fall.  You can never have too many witnesses.  Scan the area and look for what caused you to fall.  Try to understand exactly what happened and it is essential that you report the incident immediately to owner of the location.  Request the police to file a report and/or file an incident report to document your fall.   Be specific and concise in the report.  Be sure to indicate that you will be seeking medical attention.  So, be safe and be alert.  We all have a personal and legal duty to be alert to the world around us.  If you are hurt, seek legal assistance so at the very least, the costs of your medical care are covered.

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